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Bitcoin surges past $41,000: Spot ETF approval and market dynamics drive the rally

There has been a significant surge in the price of Bitcoin, surpassing $41,000 and reaching its highest level since April 2022.

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Tokyo's Inflation Slows: BOJ faces decisive policy crossroads amid economic shifts

A significant shift in cost-push dynamics inside Japan's economy was evident in November when core consumer inflation in the capital city of Tokyo decreased.

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Paytm pledges to enlist 10 million merchants on government-backed ONDC platform by 2025


Paytm, aims to bring aboard 10 million merchants onto the government-supported Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) platform by the conclusion of 2025.

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El Salvador's Bitcoin investments surge: Bukele confirms profit amid cryptocurrency rally

El Salvador's presidential candidate running for reelection, Nayib Bukele, disclosed that the country has made profitable investments in Bitcoin, capitalising on the current surge in cryptocurrency values.

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Barclay family reclaims Telegraph newspaper after Abu Dhabi aids with debt repayment

The Barclay family has successfully regained control of the influential Telegraph newspaper in the UK, following a collaboration with Abu Dhabi-backed RedBird IMI.

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Ancestry website 23andMe confirms recent data breach affected 6.9 million users 

Data belonging to almost 6.9 million individuals has been leaked, according to confirmation from the ancestry website 23andMe, following a recent incident.

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Extreme weather halts iPhone production in India: Foxconn and Pegatron grapple with disruptions

Foxconn and Pegatron, major manufacturing companies based in Taiwan, have temporarily suspended the production of Apple iPhones at their facilities near Chennai in southern India. This decision stems from the disruptive effects of heavy rainfall in the region.

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Israeli authorities probe suspected insider trading linked to Hamas attack

Israeli officials are investigating claims made by American researchers that suggest some investors may have known that Hamas was planning to strike Israel on October 7.

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Landmark Stability AI vs Getty Images copyright lawsuit to move ahead to trial

In a significant development, a UK court has decided that the copyright dispute between Getty Images and the prominent artificial intelligence (AI) firm Stability AI can proceed to trial.

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UK discloses immigration reforms: Stricter visas aim to curb soaring migration

Following increasing pressure to tackle the unprecedented net migration figures, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak unveiled a slew of strict policies aimed at reducing the number of migrants entering the country legally.

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Intel succeeds in overturning $2.18bn patent verdict, one of the largest in US

A prior decision that had awarded VLSI Technology USD 2.18 billion in a patent infringement dispute against Intel Corp. was reversed by an appeals court in the US on Monday, December 4.

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