CA’s Take On Escalating Housing Costs Fails To Impress Internet

The monetary worth of a house or other property is referred to as house prices, home values, or property values. Interest rates, inflation, population growth, and the status of the economy are some of the variables that might impact the cost of homes and apartments. But what has been the recent course of this trend? Chartered accountant (CA) P V Subramanyam has discussed the evolution of house purchasing throughout the years.On the microblogging...

Taming the work-life balance dragon: 3 Women share their secrets to happiness

With a Chinese firm granting ‘unhappy leave' for better work-life balance, here's what else you can do.

How To Set Your Financial Goals For New Fiscal Year? Follow The Tips To Secure Future

As we have entered the new financial year (FY25), setting financial goals emerges as a crucial step towards attaining financial stability. Without specific targets, individuals often find themselves overspending and struggling to build a secure financial future. Understanding the importance of concrete financial objectives is paramount for all, irrespective of age or income bracket. Financial goals are no longer a luxury but a necessity for all...

I went from a Big Tech job to folding clothes at a retail store. My new role gave me confidence and joy when I needed it the most.

This former Big Tech employee was laid off and took a seasonal retail job while launching her own business. She ended up keeping the job part-time.

Having Multiple Bank Accounts? Things You Should Keep In Mind

In today’s digitised world, the banking sector has undergone a remarkable transformation, providing customers with unprecedented convenience and ease. From seamless money transfers to opening accounts from the comfort of home, banking has become remarkably simple. With the advent of video KYC online, the process of opening a bank account has become even more streamlined, leading to a growing trend of individuals opting for multiple savings...

Simple and practical tips to grow bushy money plant in water bottles

Money plant is one of the easiest plants to grow. They do well with less watering, less sun and less space too! These qualities of the money plant make them amazing for growing in different conditions, including in water bottles.

Oil prices jump on Israel’s decision to respond to missiles-attack by Iran

Crude oil prices on April 16 climbed towards $91 a barrel following rising tensions in the Middle East after Israel decided to respond to Iran’s missile attack on the country. Benchmark Brent opened higher at $90.57 per barrel, up 0.52 percent from the previous day’s close, on April 16. Oil prices on the previous day had fallen to $88.93 a barrel during the day on anticipation of easing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East as the US refused...

I thought I was smart to keep money in 3 savings accounts, but I'm much happier now — and earning more — with just one

Keeping money in several savings accounts for different goals seemed like a good idea, but it was costly and was often a big hassle.

Bank stock under Rs 100: Jefferies' BUY call for 18% RALLY

IDFC First Bank Share Price News: The stock of IDFC First Bank Limited is in focus today i.e. April 16, 2024. Leading brokerage firm Jefferies has maintained a BUY rating on this private sector bank. Check Share Price Target 2024

Indian stock market crash: 5 reasons why Sensex, Nifty plunged over 1% today

The Indian stock market witnessed a tepid Monday, with both benchmark indices- BSE Sensex and Nifty 50- plunging into the red by a little over 1 per cent.The 30-share BSE Sensex index slipped 1.14 per cent or 845.12 points to close at 73,399.78. Shares of Wipro, ICICI Bank, and Bajaj Finserv were the top laggards in this bracket.The broader Nifty 50 index tumbled 1.1 per cent or 246.90 points to conclude the day at 22,272.50. Stocks of Shriram...

I retired from Amazon at 34 and chose to settle in Canada, where I only need $1,000 a month to live well

Grigory Lukin saved most of his Amazon salary and relocation bonuses so he could retire early. He chose Canada, where it's cheaper to live well.

YouTube will now not allow users to use any third party apps to remove ads or apps which violate its policy

In a bid to safeguard its advertising revenue, YouTube has intensified its crackdown on third-party apps that enable ad-blocking, potentially causing disruptions for users of such apps.

Mind Over Money: 60-min fitness routine and 'never give up' attitude keeps this first-generation entrepreneur mentally fit

This spiritual connection not only centers me but also helps me become more aware and mindful and attentive of what’s happening with and around me.

Basic Salary, Take Home Salary, Gross Salary and More: A Look at Basic Differences and Meaning

A quick guide to explain the fundamental distinctions among the terms related to your remuneration and their respective significances.

RIL Q4 Results Date and Time: Dividend Announcement! Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Fixes Date

Reliance Industries Ltd will announce its Q4 financial performance on April 22, including dividend recommendations for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024. In Q3, the company reported a 11 per cent YoY rise in net profit, reaching Rs 19,641 crore

Amitabh Bachchan Announces KBC 16, Registrations To Kick Off On THIS Date - Watch Promo

Here's some exciting news for you - Kaun Banega Crorepati is coming back with its 16th season with Amitabh Bachchan taking over the show as the host again. The promo of KBC 16 dropped today where the registration date was announced. Read below to know all the details

5 tips on how to avoid overspending

Avoid forced mental stress in your future by not overspending on useless or one-time-use things. To avoid such an issue which can put you in financial debt, here are 5 effective tips that will definitely help you out.

I invested most of my salary for 7 years and had enough to retire at 29. My best tips: start young, take risks and don't settle in expensive cities.

A former VP at JP Morgan shares how he was able to achieve financial freedom by 29 because of these five things.

'We've pushed country towards black money, everyone will regret it': PM Modi on abolition of electoral bonds

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the abolition of the electoral bonds scheme has pushed the country towards black money and everyone will come to regret it with time.In February, the Supreme Court held the electoral bonds scheme as unconstitutional. The scheme was introduced by the Modi government in 2018 with the stated objective of bringing transparency in political funding.In an interview with ANI, Modi said that the fact that a...

8 important things to always keep private in life

Keep these things a secret to live a healthy lifestyle.

Why EaseMyTrip CEO Nishant Pitti wants to own an airline and make movies too

Soon after Nishant Pitti, CEO and co-founder of EaseMyTrip, launched the travel site, the company was bleeding. A budget airline, SpiceJet, extended a lifeline to the company by tying up for exclusive deals, and helped the company pull itself out at the critical moment.So when Pitti saw an opportunity in the bids for the bankrupt carrier Go First and wanted to throw his hat in the ring, he obviously chose to partner the promoter of the airline...

From the Himalayas to Tokyo: How Nepal is helping Japan print its currency notes

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in Asia. Did you know it is an unexpected contributor to the continent's economic powerhouse, Japan?Nestled in the Himalayas, Nepal's humble yet resilient farmers supply crucial raw materials to print Japan's iconic yen currency. But how did that come about? The notes are printed on special paper, mitsumata, which can no longer be sourced in Japan. The plant that produces this paper has its origins in the...

Nikunj Dalmia on Jio Financial Services stock, strategy: BUY JFSL shares after JV with Blackrock? ANALYSIS

Nikunj Dalmia On Jio Financial Services Stock: ET NOW Editor-in-chief Nikunj Dalmia said that the growth potential in Jio's business is huge.

I'm a first-time property investor who grew my portfolio to $5.5 million in 3 years. Here's how I did it with minimal savings.

Alfred Dzadey, a first-time property investor, bought an HMO in Coventry, England, after crowdsourcing loans from family and friends in 2020.

What women can learn from men

This article is authored by Vandana Kohli, author, filmmaker and entrepreneur, New Delhi.

I managed billions at JP Morgan but lived paycheck to paycheck. I finally got control of my finances by doing these 7 things.

After always maxing out her credit card in her 20s, Anne Lester learned some easy savings tricks as the head of retirement solutions at JP Morgan.

Businessman To Monk: Gujarat Couple Donates Entire Rs 200 Crore Wealth To Embrace Monkhood

A rich Jain couple from Gujarat decided to give away all their money, nearly Rs 200 crore, so they could become monks. Bhavesh Bhandari and his wife donated their entire savings during a big ceremony in February. They even threw money from a truck at people who were watching. The Bhandaris will formally start their new life as monks later this month. Bhavesh Bhandari and his spouse reside in Himmatnagar, Gujarat. Bhavesh Bhandari is known to be...

IIT Kharagpur alum breaks down family of 4's cost of living in metro city: '20 lakh per year'

An Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur alum recently took to social media to share the expenses incurred by a family of four living in a metro city and broke down the costs incurred, from the lowest to the highest expense. Writing on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday, the man shared an image of the different expenses incurred, the lowest being for men grooming that costed Rs 200 per month to the highest expense, incurred on house rent,...

Bottomline: Why you should invest in gold

Gold does glitter. And returns from the yellow metal historically haven’t been the kind to scoff at. So, while equities and debt are good assets to consider while building a portfolio, gold too deserves some allocation not just from a diversification perspective, but also from a currency risk mitigation point of view.But let’s first look at a few key characteristics of gold as an asset class.Gold and inflation don't syncWe ran the numbers to...

Rupee Hits Record Low Against US Dollar: RBI Steps In To Curb Further Decline- Check Details​​

Opening near an unprecedented low of 83.5350 against the US dollar, the rupee later recovered slightly to 83.4875 by 10:24 a.m. IST, following its close at 83.4500 on Monday.

70-storey skyscraper temple being built at cost of ₹668 crore in Vrinadavan

The Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir complex will have one of the biggest parking facilities, multi-level parking, which can accommodate 3,000 cars at a time.

Fact Check: Video of Aamir Khan Slamming BJP, Supporting Congress Uses Deepfake Audio

The Verdict Fake Khan neither mocked the BJP nor campaigned for the Congress. The video is a manipulated version of a clip from the actor’s show, Satyamev Jayate. What is the claim? With the 2024 general elections in India just a week away, a video of Bollywood actor Aamir Khan criticizing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and supporting the Indian National Congress has gone viral. In the 31-second video, Khan states, “Friends, if you believe...

10 common money habits of self-made millionaires

​Successful millionaires capitalize on opportunities that promise financial success and security. They have certain positive habits that demonstrate financial prudence. Here we list down ten common money habits of self-made millionaires.​

What Is The Salary Of IAS Officer? Know Pay Grades From District Magistrate To Cabinet Secretary

The allure of the UPSC Exam lies not just in prestige but in the competitive pay scale it offers IAS officers. Under the 7th Central Pay Commission, the revamped salary structure ensures equitable footing and steady progression, ranging from Rs 56,100 to Rs 2,50,000.

Bitcoin Drops As Iran-Israel Tension Escalates: Here’s What Investors Should Do Now

Bitcoin dropped to $62,000, the lowest level in a month after Iran launched drones towards Israel. When geopolitical tensions like these arise, there is a general impact on all assets. Since cryptocurrencies are widely traded 24/7 unlike equities, the impact is immediate and often more pronounced. The decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies means they can react swiftly to geopolitical events, as traders seek to hedge against uncertainty by...

At Least 33 Dead, 27 Injured After Floods Wreak Havoc In Afghanistan | IN18V | CNBC TV18

Heavy downpour leads to flooding across Western Farah, Herat, Southern Zabul & Kandahar provinces in Afghanistan. At least 33 people were killed & 27 injured due to the floods#Herat #Zabul #Kandahar #AfghanistanFloods #Floods #Afghanistan #Rain #cnbctv18digital 🔴CNBC TV18 LIVE TV: to our Channel:👑 Check Out Top CNBC TV18 Playlist Videos: 🔹Lok Sabha Elections 2024:🔹CNBC TV18 Digital Podcast:🔹Sounding Board: 🔹International Videos:🔹CNBC TV18 Market Cafe:🔹CNBC TV18 Digital:🔹CNBC TV18 Weekend Special:🔹CNBC TV18 Next-Gen:🔹Overdrive Show:🔹Young Turks:🔹Starup Streets: can also connect with CNBC-TV18 News OnlineCatch the latest news: CNBC-TV18 round the clock: updated with all the market action in real time: can also stay updated with all the latest news on-the-go with CNBC-TV18 Minis: us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: us on: Linkedin: CNBC-TV18:

Stock up! Adani Group shares becoming FII favourite! LIC makes a Rs 8900 cr fortune in 3 months

Adani Group Stocks: While FIIs were seen raising their holding in the stocks of the Adani conglomerate, state-owned insurer LIC made a massive fortune from its holding in 7 group companies, Economic Times reported. The PSU insurer’s holding Adani stocks went up by over $1 billion in the last quarter of FY24.

Gold edges higher as Middle East tensions lift safe-haven appetite

Gold prices ticked up on Tuesday, hovering near record-high levels, as fears of escalating tensions in the Middle East drove investors towards the safe-haven metal.

Is Rs 1 crore good enough for your retirement?

While Rs 1 crore may seem to be a substantial amount for retirement, several critical factors such as accounting for lifestyle, inflation, and healthcare expenses must be kept in mind.

Caitlin Clark, the top rookie female basketball player in the US, is making less than the average detective or acupuncturist

The first pick in the 2024 NBA draft is expected to make $10 million in his first year. Clark will make $76,535.

Here's exactly how Donald Trump landed $175 million insurance bond amid mounting legal tussle

Amidst a $464 million civil fraud judgment, Donald Trump secures a legal lifeline through a $175 million bond from Knight Specialty Insurance Company.

Senior citizen term deposits accounts double in 5 years

The average ticket size per deposit rose 39% to Rs 4.6 lakh in FY24 as against Rs 3.3 lakh five years ago.

OnePlus 11 Gets Another Price Cut In India. Check Out The New Price And More

Smartphone maker OnePlus has once again slashed the price of its highly-acclaimed flagship, the OnePlus 11, which was launched last year. This strategic price reduction, was first spotted by The Times of India, is applicable to the variant boasting 8GB of RAM and a generous 128GB of internal storage. The OnePlus 11 is powered by the ttop-tier Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, ensuring seamless performance for users. Moreover, its robust...

Now I Get It: See how Gen Z became the passive-income generation

They came of working age amid crises and change, soaring inflation and cycles of job loss. They had no choice, in a sense; they also had limitless opportunity.

How to make your first Rs 1 crore in 5 years

With just a little bit of careful planning and considering some factors such as age, existing portfolio, asset allocation, and market conditions, you can get to the Rs 1-cr mark soon.

Why RBI is beefing up gold reserves - REASON behind yellow metal buying

The RBI purchased 0.43 million troy ounces, or around 13.3 tonnes, of gold from the market in between January and February of this year. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das said at the post-policy press conference on April 5 that "we are accumulating gold reserves" and that the data is frequently provided.

​10 habits that are draining you financially ​

​Discover how seemingly minor habits can significantly impact your finances over time. Learn to identify and address these to save more and live better.​

The art of simple living: How billionaire Warren Buffett spends his fortune

Warren Buffett, the esteemed CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is not only known for his remarkable wealth, estimated at $136 billion, but also for his simple living standards and significant philanthropic efforts. Despite being one of the world's richest individuals, Buffett maintains a lifestyle that contradicts his immense wealth.As per an Inside repor...

Highest Paying Job Opportunities for Women in 2024

Here are the types of industries and professions that have historically offered high-paying job opportunities for women, and these trends may continue or evolve into 2024.​

UPSC topper Aditya Srivastava got ₹2.5 lakh monthly salary at Goldman Sachs. Explains why he quit Bengaluru job

UPSC results 2023: Aditya Srivastava has topped the prestigious civil services exam. The IIT-Kanpur graduate worked at Goldman Sachs in Bengaluru briefly.