Even the most distant rural regions have been reached by social media, bridging the gap between the city and the small village. This has also helped these regions' latent talents shine by providing them with a platform to do so. Yashoda Lodhi, a woman from a rural area of Uttar Pradesh, is an example of this. With the help of her skill, she overcame poverty and now makes more money than people who work for the government. 

Who is Yashoda Lodhi?

Yashoda Lodhi, also known as "Dehati Madam," is an English teacher who teaches many through her YouTube channel in the Kaushambi area of Uttar Pradesh. At first appearance, Yashoda Lodhi seems to be a typical Indian woman from a rural area. She resembles many Indian ladies wearing a saree and a bindi. She differs from many others in one particular way, though.

On her YouTube channel, she offers simple-to-follow videos that educate English. Yashoda has chosen to teach in order to assist others like her in overcoming the language barrier and speaking the language spoken by many Indians, even if she continues to learn the language herself.

Yashoda Lodhi aka Dehati Madam's inspiring story

Yashoda was raised in a modest home. She was raised in her maternal uncle's house, where she also attended school till the 12th grade in Hindi. After finishing the 12th grade at a school with a Hindi medium, Yashoda started tutoring children. She met her spouse during this period, although their relationship was not supported by her family.

Yashoda's younger brother kicked her out of the house due to his desire for property. She returned to her parent's home, but they did not approve of the relationship either. She decided to take matters into her own hands and get married since she was tired of being mistreated by her family. As her in-laws did not agree to the union, Yashoda and her husband began to live alone. 

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Yashoda's spouse, who is the eighth pass, used to be a daily-wage labourer. After two years of marriage, he suffered an accident in 2019, and his leg was caught under a tractor. He was now unable to go to work. She learned the value of money at that point.

Yashoda purchased the first smartphone in November 2021 and started creating videos on it after seeing inspirational videos for motivation. She was motivated by a video of motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari discussing how women may work from home and make money.

Yashoda had to learn how to utilise technology for her own benefit because she was not familiar with it and was motivated to help the family, pay off the debt, and encourage the ladies of the village. Yashoda started her own YouTube channel and started instructing others on how to learn and speak English.

Yashoda became known as "Dehati Madam" and became viral on social media as she filmed more videos. She described her struggles, including how her family of 7 or 8 people had to get by on only Rs 300 when her husband was a labourer.

Yashoda shows how far she has gone with her hard work, going from 0 to over 2 lakh members. She added that she makes between Rs 70,000 and 80,000 a month, which is more than someone working for the government in her village would make, as per Aaj Tak.

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