There was a time when books had to be opened for any information. Then came the internet revolution and it almost ended the job of opening books. Any information needed is available on the Internet today. But now the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come. Only AI is being talked about everywhere. In November last year, ChatGPT was launched, which is a chatbot online. This can be talked about. It is helping people to write scripts, stories and poems.

With this, when any information is sought from it, it seems as if a human being is telling them about it. If technology creates new jobs, then old ones are also at risk. According to a research by Oxford University in 2013, AI will take away 47 percent of the jobs in the next 20 years. According to Insider's report, there will be human supervision in this.

Let us know about such jobs in which AI can replace humans.

Technology jobs

Programming and coding are high demand jobs these days. But it is possible that AI will start doing them in future. According to Anu Madgaonkar, partner at McKinsey Global Institute, something similar to Chat GPT could be possible to do this. Today it can talk, tomorrow it can generate code faster than humans. Then there would be no need for a large team of software developers.

Jobs in media

Chat GPT can write articles on any topic. It can write scripts faster than humans. In such a situation, jobs related to advertising, technical writing, journalism and content creation can be in danger. Although Madgaonkar believes that it will not be able to work like the script of films.

Jobs in legal industry

AI could replace the jobs of legal assistants. However, becoming a lawyer requires a human judgment and degree, so AI intervention cannot be complete. But research or preparation of a case can be possible with AI.

Other jobs that may get replaced by ChatGPT's news GPT 4 are: 

  • English teacher
  • Telemarketers
  • Proofreaders

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